10. Sınıf 1. Dönem 1. yazılı Genel Sorular.

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    arkadaşlar soruları veriyim size 4 5 okula sordum hepsi bu soruları sormuş hocalar buyrun

    Name: B
    Number: Class:

    I. Put the verbs into the correct form of present simple or present continuous tense. (10p)
    1. Listen! I ___________________ (think) someone _____________________ (knock) at the front door.
    2. Alice ________________ (have) a bad cold. She _____________ (take) some medicine for it.
    3. I ___________________ (still / have) a pain in my stomach, but it ___________ (get) better.
    4. A: What _______________ (your mother / do)?
    B: She***8217;s an engineer, but she ___________________ (not / work) at the moment.
    5. One good thing with the new programme ________________ (be) that it _______________ (not/ destroy) the old files.

    II. Write the sentences in past simple or past continuous tense by using ***8220;when***8221; or ***8220;while***8221;. (12p)
    1. We ***8211; listen - radio / it - stop - work (while)

    2. Cat ***8211; begin ***8211; run / it ***8211; see- mouse ***8211; corner (when)

    3. News ***8211; begin / we ***8211; have ***8211; dinner (when)

    4. reporter ***8211; take ***8211; photos of fire / building ***8211; burn (while)

    III. Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the verbs in parentheses. (8p)

    1. The sky is full of black clouds. It seems as if it (rain) _______________________ soon.
    2. Can you hear that noise? It sounds as if the children (have) _______________an argument.
    3. I hate my elder sister giving me orders as if I (be) _____________________ her servant.
    4. You look very pale. It looks as if you (need) ___________________________ to get some rest.

    IV. Give advice in the following situations by using ***8220;SHOULD***8221;/***8221;SHOULD NOT***8221; OR ***8220;HAD BETTER***8221;/ ***8220;HAD BETTER NOT***8221;. (15p)
    1. My apartment is in a mess, and my mother is coming to visit me tomorrow. (+)

    2. It***8217;s wrong of you to drive so fast. (-)

    3. Nick is playing his music too loudly. Mr Bell is working on his project. (-)

    4. My wife is waiting for me. (-)

    5. I never have enough money. ( +)

    V. Use ***8220;had better***8221;, should, like, look like, as if (5p)

    1. If you are skinny, you __________________not wear striped clothes.
    2. You _____________________ study harder or you will fail.
    3. The grass is to short. It looks ____________________ someone has cut it.
    4. They are wearing the same clothes. They ______________ twins.
    5. You aren***8217;t lively today. You ___________________ tired.

    I. Use the correct form of the words in parenthesis. (10p)
    1. For the more ____________ tourists, there are trips into the mountains with a local guide. (ADVENTURE)
    2. If people find out what you***8217;re doing it will ruin your ______________ (REPUTE)
    3. The building has changes the _________________ of the whole area. (APPEAR)
    4. The _______________ English breakfast includes bacon and eggs. (TRADITION)
    5. To the children***8217;s great _______________, the clown***8217;s big red nose fell to the floor. (AMUSE)

    II. Fill in the blanks with a suitable word. (10p)
    ***8220;boastful***8221; ***8220;gorgeous***8221; ***8220;cosmopolitan***8221; ***8220;insect repellent***8221; ***8220;cosy***8221; ***8220;sophisticated***8221;

    1. If you take a/an _______________ with you when you go on holiday, you won***8217;t get bitten by mosquitoes.
    2. It is said that New York City is _______________ because people from many nationalities live there.
    3. The house that Jane lives in has got a very _______________ living room.
    4. One of my friends is always talking so proudly about his belongings as he is so ____________.
    5. The Sultan Ahmet Mosque is one of the ______________ historical place in Turkey.

    III. Choose from the box the opposite or the same for these words. (5p)
    remember bustling domineering determined magnificent diffuse

    1. submissive X
    2. indecisive X
    3. keep in mind =
    4. splendid =
    5. peaceful X

    Read the profile of Jamie OLIVER match headings a) to e) to paragraph 1-5. One heading is extra. (10p)

    a) An unusual restaurant
    b) His radio programme
    c) Family and free time

    d) His early life
    e) A famous chef
    f) His future

    Jamie OLIVER
    1______ Jamie was born in Essex, England, 1975. When he was only eight he started helping in his parents***8217; restaurant. He went to catering college when he was sixteen and then worked at the famous River Café in London for three years. His first TV program was called The Naked Chef and it was an instant success. Jamie quickly became famous and in 1999 he prepared lunch for the British Prime Minister.
    2_______ Jamie Oliver is one of Britain***8217;s favourite chefs-every week millions of people watch him on TV and use his recipes.
    3_______He is going to open Fifteen restaurants in Australia and the USA in the future and at the moment Jamie is writing a new book of recipes.
    He***8217;s already very rich, of course- in 2003 he earned £3.8 million!
    4_______Jamie got married in 2000 and he lives in London with his wife, Jools, and their two daughters, Poppy Honey and Daisy Boo. He***8217;s so busy that he doesn***8217;t have much free time, but he loves riding around London on his scooter and he plays the drums in a rock band. When he***8217;s at home he likes cooking pasta and making bread- his favourite ingredients are olive oil and lemons from Sicily.
    5_______Now Jamie has got his own restaurant in London called Fifteen. But it isn***8217;t a typical restaurant- every year Jamie takes fifteen young unemployed people and teaches them to become chefs. The programme about the restaurant, also called Fifteen, is on TV every week.

    Write a descriptive article about a person you know. Use at least 100-120 words. You can use these headings. (15p)

    LAYOUT Introduction
    Paragraph 1: set the scene (name, age, job, when and where you met)

    Main body
    Paragraph 2 hysical appearance (height, facial features, hair, clothes)

    Paragraph 3 ersonality characteristics (character ***8211;giving reason)

    Paragraph 4 :hobbies, interests, likes and dislikes

    Paragraph 5 :comments (how you feel about her/him ***8211; why s/he is important for you)

    G***9786;***9786;D LUCK!

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